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Why RIDE66 Bikes ?
  • We offer competitive pricing for the same or similar products.
  • We offer free shipping & fast shipping to European Union. we accept cash on delivery in Paris,Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
  • You can apply for a return in one month for any reasons after you receive it.
  • Europe brand,Customer service centers are both in Belgium,Germany and French,which can give you 7*24 hours service and quick response.
  • Our bicycles are durable and serviceable by any repair shop.
  • We offer 1 year warranty. Quality is endorsed.

1. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg we accept cash on delivery and Scheduling a delivery service.

2.We accept Paypal and Bancontact payment. which are currently the most popular payment methods, and they can effectively protect the rights of buyers during the payment process. We also accept all major credit cards issued worldwide.

3. After delivery, you have a one-month hesitation period. During the hesitation period, you can apply for a return, and we will refund the total amount.(please stay the bike in a good shape)

4. Warranty: the frame 3 years, the motor 1 year and the battery 1 year.

5.For more information about the ride66 brand, please click here .

1. The EU VAT is included in the price, EU countries do not need to pay additional fees; non-EU countries such as Norway and Switzerland need to pay additional VAT fees.

2. Due to the impact of Brexit, the UK cannot be shipped. Thank you for your continued understanding and support of our company!

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700C Test Video 2

Product Description

The RIDE66 700C is the flagship electric bike of the ride66 brand. This is a 28" city bike with SHIMANO 8-speed gearbox, Bafang mid-engine 250 W, front shock with springs, gearbox dual disc brakes, 5-speed moped. The top configuration brings you the most comfortable experience and brings more fun to your riding. 

High quality bicycle

  • Shimano gears
  • Bafang central motor
  • Non-slip and wear-resistant handles and pedals
  • Rainproof headlights, retro decorated rear frame
  • Seat height is adjustable, front and rear adjustable

Bafang mid motor

RIDE66 700C city electric bike is equipped with a Bafang 250W mid-motor that maximizes the balance of the bike while maintaining more power and torque. The wholeness and riding experience of the electric bike is better. The maximum speed is 25km/h, which can be used for daily work and travel. You can easily climb a steep 30° slope by bike, better for long-distance riding.

Compared with the rear engine, what are the advantages of the mid-engine

  • More beautiful, will not spoil the bike's appearance.

  • The center of gravity is in the middle, more stable and safe.
  • Better drive performance.

SHIMANO 8-speed transmission

The Bafang mid-motor and Shimano gears are the perfect combination, allowing you to shift gears smoother, more responsively and without chain loss. Downshifting uphill is more labor-saving and downshifting downhill is safer.

Hidden removable large capacity battery

Built-in 36V/13Ah lithium battery, support 40km/25miles to 60km/37miles. Detachable battery design, can be charged separately or on the frame. Equipped with intelligent lithium battery charger, fast charging only takes 5-6 hours, BMS (Battery Management System) fully protects the battery and extends its life.

2 working modes and 5 speeds The bike supports pedal assist mode (supports a range of 25-37 miles) - the speedometer shows 1-5 gears, the higher the gear, the more labor-saving. The pedal mode is like a regular bike. You can use each mode to enjoy long-distance travel as needed. The combination of 2 modes is the better choice.

Safe and comfortable driving experience

The front and rear dual hydraulic disc brakes, LED headlights and taillights make driving safer. Bafang central motor design, 28-inch pneumatic tires, front suspension and ergonomic non-slip grips bring you a comfortable riding experience.

Suitable for people of different heights

RIDE66 700C electric bike is made of aluminum alloy, high quality and durable, with a maximum load of 150kg, adjustable seat and handles, suitable for people with a height of 160-195cm (5.25-6.4ft).

Parameters Table

Product Name Model-700C
Aluminum alloy 6061
Bafang 250W central motor  
Hydraulic disc brake
Shimano 8-speed transmission
28 inch pneumatic tire
suspensionFront spring damping
MAX 25 km/h
Battery Range
80- 100km
Charging time
5-6 hours
Battery life
1000 times charging and discharging
Package size
Gross weight
32 KG
Product weight
27 KG 
The max load
200 KG

Security for PayPal buyers

  • Your financial information.PayPal helps keep your transactions secure by not sharing your full financial information with sellers.
  • 24/7 Monitoring.PayPal monitor transactions 24/7. That should help you rest easy.
  • Secure technology.PayPal encryption help keeps your online transactions guarded from start to finish.
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  • Purchase protection around the globe.Buy or sell around the globe. PayPal process 25 currencies in over 200 markets to make sending, spending, and selling simple and secure.

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The product list shows the pre-tax price.

European Union members are tax-free

Non-European Union member states need to collect taxes, such as Norway and Switzerland .

Any order over 1000€ OFFERS FREE SHIPPING   

Orders less than 1000€ require an additional 8€ shipping.

All orders have a handling time of 1-2 days, then ship by UPS

Shipping times vary from 1-2 business days and delivery time varies between 2-6 business.

Please read through this instructional guide so you can understand how the process works and 

what you should expect to happen once you place your order with us


The battery data on this website is tested under the following conditions:
Temperature: 25℃, speed: 25km/hour, weight: 60kg, road condition: flat road .


If you have received an item that is damaged, is not what you ordered, or is missing parts, 

then please click here to feedback to us. Include photographs of the issue before returning any goods so we can discuss the best action to take.


If your electric transport develops a manufacturing fault through normal use (as outlined in the manufacturer’s manual) within 30-days of receiving the goods, then please click here to feedback to us , quoting your order number, attaching a photo of the product and the fault details. You can let us know whether you want a refund, repair or replacement. We will arrange collection.


We will refund you to your original payment method (i.e, card, Paypal account etc) within 7 days of receipt at our Returns Centre. Please be aware this can take up to 5 days depending on your bank.


Framework guarantee: 3 years. Engine guarantee: 365 days. Battery guarantee: 365 days. 95% pre-assembled when you get the bike. We have set up a customer service center in Belgium to offer you comprehensive customer service.7 * 24 hours.

Credit card and Paypal payment is acceptable,it is safe.

For more detail about our shipping and return policy,please click here .


To ensure your safety while riding and the safety of other traffic participants.Please observe local legal requirements for electric bicycles. In Europe, you have to use the 250W / 25km/h version in order to have a road legal bicycle/pedelec. The stronger 500W/1000W versions need to be registered for insurance to be legal as light electric motorbike! Otherwise, it is only allowed on private property!If you only use your Ride66 Bike on private property you can purchase the 500W/1000W version without speed limitation.

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